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Accreditation, assessment by NAAC and IQRC  in College




9th Meeting of the Standing Committee (14th September 2015) of  NAAC,  College has been awarded Grade “A” with CGPA 3.17  


SSR Cycle2  



AQAR   year 2015-16   :- 1 covering letter         2 AQAR Report                3 Best Practices    





Naidunia 22 august 2015
Dainik Bhakar24 august 2015

Bhaskar 21 August 2015
Patrika 22 august 2015

naidunia 23 august 2015
 Patrika 23 august 2015


The Internal Quality assurance Cell (IQAC) has been established in the college at the instance of the National assessment and accreditation Council (NAAC) as a post accreditation quality sustenance measure. IQAC aims to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution. It acts as a nodal unit of the Institution for augmenting quality – related activities and is responsible for development and application of innovative practices in various programmes / activities leading to quality enhancement. IQAC functions with the objective of  ensuring continuous improvement in the entire operations of the college. IQAC Cell in the college is  smooth functioning  with the help of a committee of staff members.


Activities organised by IQAC


After the first assessment, wherein the College was accredited at the B++ Level & institutional score of 83%, IQAC was established on 17.06.2007. Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the College has developed several quality assurance mechanisms within the existing academic and administrative system. These are as follows:

1. Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation by the Governing Body (Highest Authority) of the College.

2. Post Assessment & Accreditation of NAAC initiative –Establishment of IQAC

3. A High Power Committee for Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Board for UGC Grants and the IQAC Coordinator is the Assistant Convenor of the Board.

4. Implementing bodies - Committee System for academic & administration.

5.  Coordination with all stakeholders.

6. Suggests Academic Audit and Administrative Audit under the supervision of the Governing Body of the College.

7. Its main objective is to plan and implement quality initiatives and evaluate. It follows its calendar for  meetings, quality agenda and maintains its proceedings.

8.  It circulates its plan and takes steps for implementation.

9. It supports to conduct workshops, awareness programmes, special lectures on quality innovations, Curricula, Teaching-Learning & Evaluation, Research oriented seminars, applying for research grants and  project managing, plans and implementation of advanced Learning Resources, ICT management and suggestions for empowerment of staff, kind of Leadership, governance pattern and in strategic perspective planning. It Plans and Supports effective implementation for Total Quality management, Curricula  development, Teaching-Learning and evaluation, Research, Consultancy and Extension activities for all  stakeholders.